Note To Self…

You live in a city with seasons now, so you’ll want to check the weather before leaving the house. “Spring” actually means something. Like, it could snow tomorrow. (You don’t really care for spring).

Your furniture will arrive a few days late. You will be glad it wasn’t lost in Kansas. Not that there’s anything wrong with Kansas. It’s just not where your apartment is.

On the way to see your baby nephew, you will manage to have a run in with another driver and your friend will get a speeding ticket. Looks like that car karma isn’t state-specific.

Your sister’s new little boy will remind you that mothers (like all women) have super powers. They can feed, and love, and cry, and laugh on zero sleep and without civilian casualties. It’s a freakin’ miracle.

You will want to quit writing and keep writing in the very same second of the very same day. Keep drinking tea and moving your fingers on that keyboard. Stories will get written. Be kind; dig deep.

You’ll do a piss-poor job at saying goodbye when you leave SF. You’ll be back in April. Do better then.

You will feel a little lost becoming a new stranger in a city you’ve chosen. New friends take time.

You will finish reading The Glass Castle. It will stick with you for weeks. It is a privilege to hold the story of another human. We all hold a story that could crack a heart in two.

You will be reminded again and again that life is full to the brim with joy but also sorrow. People will die as others are born, marriages will crumble as weddings are planned, and some will succeed while others fail. Everything and nothing is happening all at once. You cannot make it end, but you can be with those in it.

A friend (male gender) will tell you, “I’m more in touch with my feminine side because of you.” And you will consider this a huge win. It means conversations are happening; people are listening.

The Internet will keep calling you a millennial when they really mean “See how entitled some younger-ish person was?!” You will roll your eyes so hard you’ll fall over.

You will intentionally leave your blog unattended because the life in front of you needed some very serious hand-holding. Life sometimes turns into a toddler and you’ve gotta chase it across the playground while getting sand in your shoes and enduring judgey stares from strangers. You’ll do it again and again. Because: toddler.

Daylight Savings is still the worst.