Note to Self…

That TEDx Talk on Wednesday will remind you that your people are the best people. They might not all live in your state, but they love from where they are. You will make them proud because you’ve told the truth. And your people? They are all about the truth.

Consider not burning bread this week, especially after filling the house with smoke after that grilled cheese episode.

You’ll be reminded again, randomly, about the time you got into a stranger’s car and only realized it when you went to buckle your seatbelt and saw the terrified look on the driver’s face. You will laugh out loud. There is community in our most embarrassing moments.

You’ll be reminded again of how your cousin has a way with words when she puts her magic online: Life is Too Short to Be Afraid. Ugh. Yes.

Sure, your heart will break and grow and hurt and love; it is part of getting into the mess of things. You’ll survive and you’ll help other people survive too. We’re not meant to go it alone–ever. Keep showing up.

Croatia and Slovenia hold some of the best kept secrets from September. Finish those videos already and post them. Because those people, places, food? They were…are…magical.

The hooks of Ireland will never leave your soul. At least not yet. You’ll tell everyone who asks that they should go there. You will think about moving there. You will wish you went to college there. You will wonder what it’s like to live in a place that doesn’t worry about a record-breaking drought (looking at you, California).

It is hard, so very hard, when you feel like justice never ever happens. It is demoralizing and sad and exhausting. But remember we are only in Act 2 of this story. Act 3 might be entirely different–simply because we make it so.

You’re sister is pregnant, your other sister is engaged, your boyfriend is here, your brother is back, your mom is happy, your life is good, and your heart is full. Put it onto paper. All of it.

Life is being lived. Let’s write some of it down…

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