Showing Up

Hey you,

I’ve been quiet for awhile. Well, quiet online that is. I mean, the other day I was yelling shit*shit*shit* in a Toyota Prius as my friend Rob took me–for the second time–to the San Francisco airport because I’d left my wallet at home. So quiet isn’t accurate. Absent maybe? I’ve be absent online. But not in life. I’ve been loud and present, and hugging family and people I love. My life feels like it’s on full blast. It’s all dancing in the kitchen, and hiking through forests, getting soaked in the rain, and going grocery shopping for wheat bread.

I’m here because I’d been struggling to figure out how to put together a TEDx Talk and it was mostly because I was (still am?) terrified. Terrified of the truth I have to say, but also that I’ll be boring, and small, and no one will care much for my story.

Tonight at the University of Kentucky I’m giving a talk about my journey and the life raft that writing has been to me. And I will be talking about science and data and how this writing thing is actually good for your health…or something like that. I’m dusting off the secrets and putting them under a spotlight.

In other words, I’m showing up.

So if you’re into prayer, I’d be happy to have some. And if you’re not, then please send some good vibes and kindness to others. It’ll make it’s way back to me I’m sure.

Also, thank you. Thank you for being here in the corner of the Internet that is my home. Thank you for being the people who say, “Me too” and, “I’m here” and also, “Don’t forget your wallet.”

Because we all need love like that.

  • sending you all the positive energy and vibes you could possibly want. you really don’t ‘need’ them, your story is valid and important and something that I value and look forward to hearing about every time you post, even though I may not always interact or comment.

    you are brave and worthy and inspiring and strong and I’m so grateful to have connected with you online …

    this might all sound soppy, but it’s sincere (and I have had several glasses of wine).

    go kill it at TED-X … looking forward to the video xx

  • congrats on getting to speak at TED-X! What an amazing platform to share your story. you have inspired people on your website and now that audience expands.

    sharing is scary because sharing equals vulnerability. and vulnerability equals bravery. you are brave, and you are inspiring.

    thank you for sharing, thank you for being vulnerable.

    also. last week i found my boyfriend’s wallet. he froze it after it had been missing for four days and it was just chilling under a towel. wallets like to hide. glad you were able to get yours =]

  • Well, they say showing up is at least half the battle– so I’m calling it a win even though I haven’t seen the video yet. 🙂 Congrats, chica, keep on shining!

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