Stories from May

And now I present you with potential titles for the stories I’ve lived this month…

On Dating: Tales of Wild Optimism & Incredible Naivety or How I Accidentally Go on Dates

On Education: That One Time I Was Homeschooled In A Cult or How I Finally Have Something in Common with The Duggers

On Running: I Keep Forgetting I Hate This or That Was Stupid

On Early Mornings: I Hate Everything Before 6:30am or Just Say No

On Children: Stop It. I’m Old Enough to Know if I Want Them or I Really Want a Dog

On Birth: Horrific & Magical—I Have a New Niece or I Almost Passed Out While Photographing a Birth

On Introverting: It’s Not You, It’s Me or If I Walk Away Will You Stop Talking to Me?

On Shopping: I  Have Enough or If I Cannot Buy it Online, It is Not Important

On Grandparents: My Grandma Wants a Tattoo or Why My Grandma is Who I’d Like to Be

On Watching Movies: Laugh with Strangers or Stories are Therapy

On Transportation: I Have Issues, Always or It Shouldn’t Be This Difficult to Park

On May: I Was Home for 37 Hours or Why Living out of A Suitcase is A Great Idea